From small marketing firms to Fortune 500 companies, CreateAthon has brought the power of pro bono service to more than 100 partner organizations. No matter the shape and size of your team, we’ll work to ensure your marathon is a hit.

Our partners include:


We make organizing, filtering and scoping pro bono requests easy through an annual CreateAthon event. Not only will your marketing team be energized by using their valuable skills to support social endeavors; the culture of your organization will benefit as a whole.

Professional Associations

CreateAthon not only provides an energizing professional development experience, but infuses your community’s nonprofit sector with quality marketing and design. Our events give communications professionals the opportunity to work and learn together in a dynamic, fast-paced (and fun!) atmosphere.


Engaging corporate marketing teams in marathon service gives your colleagues a new and different way to apply their strategic and creative skills. It’s a great way to build onto your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and employee engagement. Plus, it’s a proven leadership development and team-building strategy.


CreateAthon brings the community into the university setting by embedding the event as a service learning component into an existing marketing and communications curriculum. Our program gives students the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience while deepening their understanding of nonprofits and their role in society.

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Nowadays, “doing pro bono work” isn’t just about giving back. Skills-based volunteering opportunities like CreateAthon are a fantastic avenue for businesses to recruit and retain employees, build teams, and connect with other organizations that share their ideals. Even better? You’ll gain the respect of business and nonprofit leaders. You’ll be viewed as a great champion of local charities. And, you’ll have more fun working overtime than you ever dreamed possible. Repeat your event annually, and maximize your powers of social good while building your image—event by event—in your community.

Give a little, get a lot. CreateAthon’s benefits are endless.

Professional Development

Our marathon model builds employees’ leadership skills by providing them with new outlets for problem solving in a fast-paced team environment. The levels of creative and strategic innovation that will surface during this event will amaze you—we guarantee it.

Employee Engagement

Data indicates that employees expect their day jobs to contribute to their larger desire to lead highly purposeful lives, and CreateAthon delivers. Not only will your team be energized during this event, but you’ll also see their renewed enthusiasm channeled right back into your organization.

Practical Pro Bono Service

High intensity service work harnesses your team’s talents efficiently and effectively. CreateAthon gives you the ability to fully focus on a project from start to finish and provides a meaningful way of producing a large amount of work in a concentrated time.

Inspired Results

What can you create in 24 hours? More than you think. CreateAthon’s one-two punch of tight deadlines and inspiring client objectives can help you produce some of the most thoughtful, inventive work you’ve ever done. There are even national awards to prove it.