Marathons made easy.

Many marketing teams — be that marketing and advertising agencies, professional groups, students and corporate marketing departments — often consider holding an “athon” as a community service model. The challenge is knowing how to deliver this kind of pro bono experience successfully, in a way that is not burdensome to your organization.

The way to 24-hour magic.

As the founder of pro bono marketing marathons, CreateAthon can bring your organization a tried-and-true method via our free CreateAthon Toolkit. Outlining the entire process, the Toolkit guides you through vetting and selecting nonprofits, scoping the work, implementing workflow, promoting your event, and much more. It’s a compendium of best practices we’ve gleaned from over 20 years of experience, and it takes all the guesswork out of running a pro bono marketing marathon.

There’s no pay-to-play with CreateAthon. We’re just here to share the pro bono love.

Join a band of known do-gooders.

Lastly, when you become a CreateAthon partner, you’ll benefit from the brand equity of CreateAthon as a national and internationally recognized pro bono marathon movement. So why figure it out on your own when you can join forces with other pro bono marketers who are ready to share everything they’ve learned with you?

If your marketing team is ready for a good night’s work, we’d love to talk to you.

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